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Nunca Se Sabra Lyrics

The quote comes from one of the comments the great Bobby Fischer wrote in his famous My 60 memorable games , after a mysterious King move with no immediate justification. Could it be that the eccentric Fischer had written it as a nonsense humorous remark, getting ahead of the style of Monty Python?

Just by chance I happen to have a copy of his book, but not the original in English that would have settled the issue immediately. You never know when lightning will strike! That is another thing altogether! Of course lightning is sudden and unpredictable, so this version does make more sense. But it still prompts the following question: what could Fischer possibly have written that allowed a translator to render it as the Spanish version quoted above?

Nunca Se Sabra

To close the loop, and as a kind of anti-punch-line, the book by Fischer is out of print all re-prints are sold off almost immediately after publishing , and I have no easy way of finding out what the original version of the sentence is. Etapas de Tanner. Los efectos de estos medicamentos son reversibles.

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Algunos de los efectos hormonales de estos tratamientos son irreversibles. Sea objetivo, positivo y entuciasta.

You Will Never Know (Spanish translation)

Con tiempo, una persona es probable que reaccione muy diferentemente a como reaccionarian al principio. Si usted se siente bien informado y capaz de educar al personal y a los administradores, entonces usted debe hacerlo.

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  5. Usted nunca puede estar completamente seguro. Esto es porque tienen miedo del lo desconocido.

    Exponer las cosas abiertamente le permite educar a otros. La gente tiende temer lo que no entiende. Otros, para reducer el elemento sorpresa, le dicen a todos. Una vez que se sepa en publico ya se supo, y no hay regreso.